Methane Emission Detection and Analytics

Solution helps in methane leak detection as well as analysis of logs from oil & gas operations.

  • Leak hotspots detection through Satellite Images (from the oil fields). Pinpoint leak location and identify the cause of the leak.
  • Estimate emission size and impact from leaks and emission.
  • Simulating effectiveness of methane leak detection programs.
  • Support in ESG Reporting through digital platforms.

EV BMS (Battery Management System) Analytics

Solution helps in battery degradation prediction and failure analysis. We leverage MS Azure cloud platform for data compliance, 24x7 delivery reliability and scaling requirements.

  • Supports modelling of battery cells (electric and thermal) for accurate state estimation algorithms (e.g., SOC, SOE, SOH, SOP).
  • Targets high-performance safer and reliable battery systems (e.g., for automotive, aviation and stationary applications).
  • Enhances FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) using AI/ML for EV’s BMS Failure Prediction.

Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)

Solution addresses the need for an EIA as well as EPA compliant for CO2 tracking from oil & gas operations.

  • Customized the GHG template for the Oil & Gas industry which will help in the calculation of Green House Gases (GHG) emissions namely CO2, CH4, N2O from the industry.
  • Mapped multiple emission sources from E&P operations with the GHG compliant templates.
  • Manages multiple monitoring dashboards for the environment impact assessment.