Drug Discovery Workflow Platform

Solution is focused on cloud enabled AI driven workflows for drug discovery and design.

  • Built on KNIME workflows with Python scripts running on MS Azure Cloud.
  • We intend to use multiple of AI/ML frameworks on identified molecules/compounds/protein structures to increase the reliability and trust from these AI results.
  • Objective is to deploy and test to run as a service to aid in drug design/discovery process.

Deep Insights Analyzer (DIA) for Medical Images

Solution to help detecting anomalies in medical images using Neural Networks models.

  • Deep Learning Workbench for Medical Imaging Analytics.
  • Predict Outliers/ Anomalies (Generate Risk Scores).
  • Re-train the System (from Radiologists for Errors).
  • Re-deploy training models (update the Model Registry).

Medical Insurance Fraud Analytics

Solution to detect frauds/outliers based on exceptions applied on procedures, benchmarks, process, hospital's capacity & productivity.

  • Rules-based claims on direct claims, with built-in prediction models on medical images and diagnosis data.
  • Benchmarking, collusion maps and risk scoring applied across hospitals and ranking them.
  • Benchmarking District-wise performance based on Recovery Rates, LOS, Re-admissions, Error Rates in Tests, Test Converge, etc.