Key Focus Areas

Hospital Operations

  • Real-time Hospital Operational Dashboards
  • Fraud Detection in Insurance Claims
  • Outlier/Fraud Learning Models in Insurance Claims

Patient Experience

  • Chatbots
  • Analytics from Patient Feedback Systems
  • Loyalty Cards for Inpatients/Outpatients/Lab

Supply Chain Analytics

  • Real-time BI on Operations
  • Prescriptive Analytics on Medical Devices Utilization
  • Contract Analytics for Revenue Leakage

Genome Research

  • Digital Lab Design for Bioinformatics
  • Gene Data Analytics & Risk Profiling
  • Genome Storage
  • EMR Integration with Genomics

Clinical Trials & Drug Discovery

  • Clinical Data Management (CDM) on cloud
  • ADR prediction from Clinical Trials
  • Cloud Enabled AI Driven Workflows for Drug Discovery and Design

Medical Imaging Analytics

  • Deep Insights Analyzer (DIA) for Medical Images
  • NLP Models for Medical Research Datasets
  • Deep Learning Workbench for Medical Imaging Analytics

Covid19 Analytics

  • Calculating Risk Scores from Diagnosis, Genomics, and X-ray DICOM images
  • Repository of trained models using Diagnosis, Genomics, and X-ray DICOM images
  • Creating Covid-19 KPIs for Healthcare Operations based on Cost, Utilization, and LOS
  • Generating Disease Outbreak Models, Hospital Capacity Growth, Target Infection Rates, etc

Healthcare Data Monitoring

  • Integrated on-demand data analytics platform combining insights from ERP, EMR and PDS data sources
  • Efficient data to insights (D2I) platform like HDM will improve the healthcare insights for doctors and specialists
  • Real-time KPI dashboards for predicting outbreaks and hotspots

Medical Insurance Fraud Analytics

  • Identifying Fraud/Outliers by applying exception triggers to procedures, benchmarks, capacity, productivity, and more
  • Rule-based claims and predictive models for medical images and diagnosis data in direct claims
  • Benchmarking, collusion maps and risk scoring applied across hospitals and ranking them
  • Benchmarking performance based on Recovery Rates, LOS, Re-admissions, Error Rates in Tests, Test Converge, etc