NPL (Non-Performing Loans) Analytics

Solutions empower recovery and collections functions with advanced portfolio governance.

  • Supports to generate NPL portfolio value - data capture, analysis and visualization techniques to create and refine user-friendly NPL portfolio insights.
  • Early-warning and forward looking models draw on predictive analytics to improve credit portfolio quality and increase repayment rates.
  • Configurable contact process management along with communication channels aided by templates for standard notices.

Corporates/SMEs Credit Lending

Digital LOS (Loan Origination System) can be easily customized and configured as per bank's requirements.

  • Supports model-driven apps that demonstrate how banking data model can be used with customer engagement, know your customer (KYC), referral sharing, and onboarding.
  • Customized Power BI dashboards that provide analytics around loans, applications, referrals, and the bank's customers, with drill downs into retail, commercial, or see unified visuals and dashboard spanning both lines of business
  • Customized scripts to implement the banking data model in Azure Data Lake Storage for analytics, AI, and Machine Learning.

Blockchain Analytics

Solution to meet the growing demand for an integrated platform that provides a convenient way to trace blockchain transactions.

  • Provides an enterprise level of analytics stack which can integrate with multiple blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, R3 Corda, etc.
  • Supports real-time analysis of encrypted transactions for non-compliance, fraud, contractual exceptions, urgent escalations to contractual parties involved, etc.
  • Leveraged the Trade Finance functional area where we used different IBM services - IBM Watson IoT, IBM Hyperledger, IBM Streaming Services and IBM Data Experience (DSx).