Upstream Data Analyzer (UDA)

Solution certified in SAP HANA which helps in instant visualization as well as predictive analysis of logs from Oil & Gas upstream operations.

  • Uses prediction models for sub-surface characteristics, drilling plans, production, etc.
  • Supports application of AI/ML algorithms for NPT (Non Productive Time) reduction strategies.
  • A/I and ML based module of lithology prediction combined with real time data can avoid drilling surprises/incidents.

Drilling Operations Network (DrillNet)

Solution addresses the need for real-time dashboards for drilling consoles for mud, pump, drill assembly, well integrity and pit/tank monitoring - deployed as a pilot in 4 drilling sites for a major E&P operator in India.

  • Combined data-to-insights process managing WITS (level 0 - ASCII), WITSML and LAS sources.
  • Allows real-time, micro-batch as well batch wise visualization as well as analytics - from a time + depth perspective.
  • Manages multiple monitoring dashboards - visibility to drilling parameters, such as mud properties, pump and casing pressure, tank volumes, etc.

E&P Data Manager (EDM)

Solution significantly reduces the TAT (Turn Around Time) for E&P data transformations jobs and enable Process Automation in E&P data management domain - deployed as a pilot for a major E&P operator in India.

  • Adapters built in for SEGY, LAS, WITS, WITSML, PRODML, RESQML, etc.
  • Automation Scripts for Routine tasks like Splicing, Merging, Data Transformation.
  • E&P Logs Visualization extensions for Enterprise Reporting Tools.