Oil & Gas Projects

Production and Facility Engineering

  • Designed Production Optimization Models
  • Tuned Models (Production Allocation, Target Monitoring)
  • Tuned Integrated Models (Optimum Choke Setting, Optimum Separator Parameters)

Asset Evaluation Reports

  • Designed an integrated asset development framework covering Reservoir Performance Model
  • Economic Model and Forecast & Development Model

3D Seismic Data Re-Processing

  • Project involved 2D seismic PSTM and AVO test processing
  • Inversion Studies
  • Field Development Studies
  • Seismic PSTM reprocessing

Water Injection Study

  • Prediction of oil production by water flooding
  • Petrophysical analyses on 28 wells
  • Wireline logs and core data analysis
  • Geo-cellular model using object modeling with production history reconciliation

Oil & Gas Services


Reservoir Evaluation Services

Asset Characterization & Valuation Studies, Field Development Studies, Well Intervention

Production and Facility Engineering

Measurement, Metering and Fluid Control, Hydrocarbon Accounting and Back Allocation, Process Automation and Control, Production Optimization

Investment/ Divestment Consulting

Economic Evaluation

IT Services

Support, Data Management & Application Development, Audit and Pre-Qualification Services, Training and Manpower Development

Key Focus Areas

Seismic Data Management

  • Seismic Scanned Images to SEG-Y
  • EBCDIC Header Standardization (2D, 3D & VSP)
  • Facies Prediction/ Classification
  • AI/ML models to identify feature classes - Salt, Seismic Inversion

Well Logs Digitization

  • Well Logs Digitization
  • Well Logs Splicing and Merging
  • Well Logs Correlation
  • Lithology Prediction/Facies Classification

Real-Time Drilling

  • Drilling Consoles for Well Integrity
  • Auto Identification of Drilling Process
  • Drilling Efficiencies for NPT
  • Stuck Pipe, Drill Bit Prediction

Production Monitoring

  • Crude Oil Production Forecasting
  • Crude Oil Production Audits
  • Decline Curve Analysis
  • Production Optimization (Flow Rate Forecasting)

Reservoir Modelling

  • Gas Lift Optimization (Artificial Lift Selection)
  • Reservoir Production & Recovery Factor Analysis
  • EOR Analytics

Pipeline Analytics

  • PODS 7.X Migration
  • PODS Data Management
  • Pipeline 360 - PODS Analytics
  • Pipeline Integrity Analytics (using Deep Learning)